Australia Skilled independent 189 Visa

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Featured of Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189

  •  It’s a points based program. Applicant must get minimum of 65 points to be eligible to apply for this visa and EOI.
  •  This visa lets invited workers can live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. You can also call it as a Permanent Residence visa.
  •  Applicant don't need a sponsor for this program
  •  Your profession should be in MLTSSL list
  •  Eligible applicants are invited to apply for Australia PR visa
  •  Applicant can stay permanently with family.
  •  Applicant can work and study anywhere in Australia
  •  Applicant can sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  •  You can travel to and from anywhere Australia for 5 years
  •  It is a permanent visa. You can stay in Australia indefinitely. This visa expires after 5 years, either you can renew or apply for citizenship.
  •  Applicant can become an Australian citizen after staying certain period
  •  Applicant become a permanent resident on the day this visa is granted.
  •  Australia Government digitally link your visa to your passport. Applicant will not get a label in passport.

Family Members

  •  Applicant can include family members in this application.
  •  Family members must meet our health and character requirements when they apply.
  •  In case if you don’t include your family in this visa, you have to explain why.

Processing Time:

  •  Processing times vary from applicant to applicant based on circumstances.
  •  If all the required documents are not submitted the process will delay. Better to take services from experienced consultant Visa Cart to process your visa, in case if you do not want to take chances.
  •  Average processing time - 75% of applications: in 11 months & 90% of applications: in 21 months

Eligibility to Apply for Australia Skilled Independent Visa:

From below factors applicant must score 65 points

  •  Age
  •  Education
  •  Work Experience
  •  Skills
  •  Language requirements
  •  Other factors

Documents Required for subclass 189 Visa:

  •  Valid Passport
  •  Education documents
  •  Transcripts
  •  Photographs
  •  Experience documents
  •  PCC
  •  Medicals
  •  IELTS / PTE Report
  •  Skill Assessment report

Essential Requirements:

  •  Age: Applicant age must be under 45 to be invited

  •  Language Requirement: Applicant must take English language test.
    1. IELTS – Applicant must score minimum Band of 6 or above for each section
    2. TOEFL - Applicant must score minimum - Listening -12, Reading –13, Writing -21, Speaking – 18
    3. PTE- Applicant must score, a minimum of 50 points score in each module

  •  Experience: Applicant must have relevant experience for at least 1- 3 years depends on the Skill Assessment authority and points you meet.

  •  Education: You should preferably have 15 years of education, Diploma or Bachelor Degree.

  •  Skill Assessment: Must meet Skill Assessment requirement and get it done.

  •  EOI: Must submit Expression of Interests and be invited to apply for Visa.

  •  Health: Applicant and his/her family members must meet the minimum Health requirement.

  •  Character: Applicant and his family members above age 16 years, must obtain Police Clearance Certificate.

Step by step process for Australia skilled independent visa (subclass 189)

1.Check whether your nominated occupation is listed on MLTSSL Demand list of Australia
  •  Check your Skill Relevancy and Check your Skill is in MLTSSL List (Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List of Australia)
  • Get your Skills Assessed
  •  This list has those occupations which are required to fill the labour gaps in Australia and boost their economy.

2.Applicant must comply with the minimum eligibility point’s requirements
  •  Applicant must score at least 65 points. The points are awarded for your age, educational qualification, work-experience, skills, language requirements etc.

3.Applicant Must Get Positive Skill Assessment Report
  •  Applicant must have a skill assessment test done by the relevant authority for an occupation listed on MLTSSL. A positive skill assessment test report is must to proceed with EOI.

4.Applicant has to submit his EOI online through Skill select.
  •  In EOI applicant has to give- personal, Education, Experience, English, Skill Assessment information, to be eligible to get invitation.
  •  Highly score applicants are invited first.

5.Apply for Australia subclass189 Visa
  •  After Receiving the Invitation, gather the documents and submit your visa Application.

6.Wait for the decision of your Visa from Home Affairs.
  •  It may take few weeks to get the Visa granted, it is better to wait with the patience.
  •  Receive Visa grant.
  •  Australia Government digitally link your visa to your passport. Applicant will not get a label in passport.
  •  When your visa is granted, you must enter Australia before a date that
  •  We specify on your visa grant letter
  •  This is a permanent visa. You can stay in Australia indefinitely.
  •  You can sponsor your eligible family to Australia
  •  After staying certain time in Australia, you are eligible for Australian citizenship.


Cost of visa keep changing from Time to Time. The Visa fee can be paid online through Debit/Credit Card.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)-(primary applicant) 4,115 AUD $
Dependent Applicant fees 18 and over 2,055 AUD $
Dependent Applicant fees 18 and under 1,030 AUD $


  •  Applicant and his family entitled to social security benefits and Medicare in this visa
  •  Applicant and his family members can study in Australia.
  •  Applicant and his spouse can work unlimited working hours in this visa
  •  You can apply for the Government jobs.
  •  Applicant can travel to New Zealand and even work there.


  •  We will educate you about Eligibility.
  •  If you are eligible and if you want start process for Australia Subclass 189 Visa, VISA CART will assist for every step until you settle in Australia with your family.
  •  We will assist for Skill Assessment with relevant Skill Assessment body.
  •  We will assist for IELTS coaching and how to take test.
  •  We will assist to lodge your EOI, this needs highest care, because we need to provide evidences for every point.
  •  We will assist prepare your document in every stage
  •  We will assist to apply your PR visa with Home affairs
  •  We will assist to clear all queries, if raised by Home affairs
  •  Once visa received we will assist for Job & post landing services.